“If we believe not, yet He abideth faithful: He cannot deny Himself.” 2 Timothy‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬. This is one of the truths we anchor our souls upon: Jesus Christ Abides Faithful. There are times in our lives when we question and wonder about the stability and security of many things. We live in times when many are concerned about the stability of our world. We wonder what kind of world the next generation will be left with. We see the collapse of nations and the terrible transition societies are making to more liberal and ungodly philosophies. And yet, in the midst of all of this change and decay, we see One Who never changes, Who always abides faithful. We see Jesus, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever! And God help us to believe, He is forever faithful and He cannot fail! He is faithful to His Word and promises. His love and mercy abide faithful. And for all who will keep their eyes on Him and their faith in Him, we will be able to endure all that life brings our way, because He is faithful to keep our souls. He does not rise and fall according to how strong our belief is. We may struggle to keep our faith. We may even cease to believe. But HE will always be faithful and true! Thank God, in the midst of this ever-changing world, we have a Saviour and Lord Who abides faithful.

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