About Us

The Atlanta Church of God is a non-denominational, Christian church. We are a part of a group of independent congregations that associate together in a movement known as the Church of God.

Our Vision

We exist to glorify God in helping to connect souls to Jesus Christ and to each other in the family of faith.

Statement of Faith

    • We believe the Bible is the infallibly inspired Word of God. It contains the complete message of God given to man. Where the Bible speaks, we speak; when the Bible is silent, we reserve the right to be silent with it.


    • We believe in salvation from sin through the New Birth, in holiness in life and living, through the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling each believer.


    • We believe and practice the unity of God’s people. There is no church joining. Salvation alone makes you a member of the Church of God.


    • We believe in divine physical healing, eternal life for the righteous, and eternal punishment for those who reject salvation through Jesus Christ.


    • We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again to meet His people in the air, and that they will go to be with Him forever in Heaven.


    • These and all other Bible truths we believe and teach.

Our Church Staff

Chris and Vickie Miller


Our Core Values

We believe the church should be culturally relevant while remaining Biblically sound.
We believe it’s everything we do in service to God. It is a lifestyle.
We believe that prayer is one of the means through which we connect to God, and that he changes the world and us as we pray.
We believe recipients of God’s grace are called to be faithful stewards.
We believe discipleship is a process of growing people into followers of Jesus Christ.
We believe a Christian’s life is given meaning through discovering and using their spiritual gifts for serving God and others.
Love & Forgiveness
We believe unconditional love and forgiveness should be the guiding principles for followers of Christ.
We believe that Christian fellowship is expressed in relationship with God and others.
We believe lost people matter to God. Therefore, they should matter to us.